Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming an increasingly important issue in today's world. In addition to the rising cost of fossil fuels and the threat of Climate Change, there have also been positive developments in this field which include improvements in efficiency as well as diminishing prices.

To increase the demand for alternative energy and accelerated the transition towards cleaner, more sustainable methods of electrical power. However, it is important to note that are many kinds like biomass, solar and geothermal power and that each has its own share of advantages and drawbacks. The most widely used form of renewable energy is biomass. Biomass simply refers to the use of organic materials and converting them into other forms of energy that can be used. Although some forms of biomass have been used for centuries such as burning wood other, newer methods are focused on methods that don't produce carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels are non-renewable because they will run out one day. Burning fossil fuels generates greenhouse gases and relying on them for energy generation is unsustainable. Hence the need to find more renewable, sustainable ways of generating energy. Renewable or infinite energy resources are sources of power that quickly replenish themselves and can be used again and again.

  • Alternative Sources of Fuel
  • Renewable and Clean Energy
  • Energy Efficiency in Refineries
  • Energy and Resources

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May 24-25, 2018

3rd World Congress on Petroleum and Refinery

Singapore City, Singapore

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