Enhanced Oil Recovery

Recovery is at the heart of oil production from underground reservoirs. If the average worldwide recovery factor from hydrocarbon reservoirs can be increased beyond current limits, it will alleviate a number of issues related to global energy supply. Currently the daily oil production comes from mature or maturing oil fields and reserves replacement is not keeping pace with the growing energy demand. The world average recovery factor from hydrocarbon reservoirs is stuck in the mid-30 per cent range. This challenge becomes an opportunity for advanced secondary and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies that may mitigate the demand-supply balance. The terms of oil recovery, as defined by the Society of Petroleum Engineers Primary and secondary recovery (conventional recovery) targets mobile oil in the reservoir and tertiary recovery or EOR targets immobile oil (that oil which cannot be produced due to capillary and viscous forces).

  • Crude Oil and Hydrocarbons
  • Improving oil recovery through polymer flooding
  • Thermal recovery
  • CO2 injection

Related Conference of Enhanced Oil Recovery

May 24-25, 2018

3rd World Congress on Petroleum and Refinery

Singapore City, Singapore

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